8 Ways to Embrace Your Awesome and Crush Imposter Syndrome 

Nov 23, 2023

Imposter Syndrome

Hey there legend! Ever catch yourself second-guessing your awesomeness, wondering if you’re really as incredible as people say you are?

Yup, we’ve all been there, battling the notorious imposter syndrome. 

But let me tell you, breaking free from that self-doubt is a journey worth taking.  Stop feeling like a fraud.

Let’s dive into some of my strategies to kick imposter syndrome to the curb and own your amazingness!

1 – Cheers to Your Wins

Let’s start by raising a virtual toast to your victories, big and small! Take a moment to soak in all those achievements – you earned every single one. Think back to where you were 10 years ago and where are now. What’s occurred over that time? What have you overcome? 
Your journey is packed with wins, and they’re proof of your undeniable greatness.

2 – Mistakes? More like Growth Opportunities

Mistakes are just speed bumps on the highway to success. Embrace those blunders as chances to level up. They’re not stains on your record; they’re badges of honour showcasing your journey toward mastery. Honestly, I wouldn’t be where I am now writing this post – and that is (brag) on the Oaxacan coast in Mexico – if it were not for all my failures.

3 – Spill the Beans (About Imposter Syndrome)

Guess what? Imposter syndrome hates it when you talk about it. Break the silence, spill the beans to your ride-or-die friends, family, or work buddies. You’ll be surprised how many nod along, sharing their own battles. Strength in numbers!

4Flip the Script

Time to rewrite that negative inner monologue. I know, it feels like a safe space when you are in that Negative Nancy frame of mind. It’s a familiar place to be but it’s not helping you get to where you want to be.

Here’s an idea, when imposter thoughts creep in, hit them with a plot twist! Focus on your progress, the skills you’ve nailed, and let those positive affirmations drown out the doubts. You’re a force, my friend.

5Stop Hating Yourself for Being Lazy

Let me say this. Don’t ever feel guilty for having an off day where you cannot focus on completing tasks. As an entrepreneur you are always switched on to some degree and just because you are not physically doing something doesn’t mean you’re not working! I learnt this the hard way after multiple burnouts, unsustainable work hours and a bout of shingles, culminating in an epic diagnosis of …. drumroll ….. ADHD (maybe a post about that journey in the future).

6Goals – Make ’em Fun

 Set goals that make you grin, not grimace. Break ’em down into bite-sized pieces, so that you are not overwhelming yourself, and celebrate every step forward. By setting goals that are as enjoyable as they are achievable, you’re turning the journey into a celebration.

7Mentorship Magic

Connect with mentors who’ve danced with imposter syndrome and lived to tell the tale. Ask them about their story of overcoming imposter syndrome. Their wisdom is like a secret weapon against self-doubt. Plus, having a mentor is like having a backstage pass to the success show – priceless! I’ve done this myself and it’s honestly been a game changer.

8 – Stay Curious, Keep Growing

I’m all about embracing the curious spirit. Keep that learning flame alive! Whether it’s a workshop, some extra training, or diving into new experiences – the learning journey never ends. No one expects you to know it all but if you are not constantly growing and learning then are you even alive?

Breaking free from imposter syndrome is like unlocking a treasure chest of your own brilliance. You’re more than deserving and more than capable. 

Own your journey, rock your uniqueness, and let that imposter syndrome know it’s got no place in your success story. You’re a star, darling – shine on!


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