Brand Authenticity Audit

An Audit with clear and Actionable outcomes.

Struggling to find your brand's uniqueauthenticvibe?

Alright, you’ve been navigating the business world for a while. Initially, you crafted a visual identity quickly to get started. As your business progresses, there’s this underlying sense that your branding isn’t fully resonating. It’s tough to pinpoint, but you sense it’s not connecting as it should with your audience.

It’s time to embrace Brand Authenticity!

Let’s Audit Your Brand’s Authenticity

Your brand is more than a logo or a catchy phrase; it’s the heartbeat of your company. It’s what sets you apart, with a commitment to transparency, honesty, and realness. But are you truly delivering on your promises?

Dive deep with my Brand Authenticity Audit. I’ll cut through the surface to scrutinise your brand’s messaging, visuals, culture, values, and customer connections, ensuring they mirror your true identity and commitments.

What’s included?

A 30-minute online strategy session. We dive deep into the heart of your business, mapping out your grand visions and pinpointing exactly where you aim to soar. 

Access to my exclusive workbook – your roadmap to standing out in a world that often blurs uniqueness. This isn’t just any workbook; it’s a treasure trove of insights, exercises, and actionable steps designed to ignite your brand’s core essence and propel it into the spotlight, where it truly belongs. 

An in-depth analysis from me. This isn’t just a report; it’s a manifesto for growth, meticulously crafted to provide you with crystal-clear insights into who your ideal client really is, the emotive language that speaks directly to their soul, and the strategies to communicate your unparalleled value in a way that resonates deeply. 

A custom-crafted moodboard. This isn’t just a collection of images; it’s a visual manifesto, a bold declaration of your brand’s identity, values, and aspirations. 

A final 45 minute zoom meeting with me to talk about your analysis and answer any question you may have.

All this for an introductory price $499+GST

Wait… it’s that easy?

Yep it is. Just to be clear on how easy it is, i’ve outlined the steps below.

You could have a clear direction for your brand direction in only 2 weeks!


1. Sign up

Sign up by booking your first call in my calendar and paying the fee. You’ll get an instant link for our meeting.


2. We meet

We’ll chat via Zoom and i’ll ask you lots of questions about your business and hopes and dreams!


3. Your homework

You’ll get my brand clarity workbook to complete. Once you send it back you’ll receive a link to book your feedback time in my calendar.


4. Your report

A day before our meeting I will send you your analysis to review.


5.Final meeting

We have a 45 minute chat about your report and the guidance I have provided for you. You leave the meeting with sigh of relief and a clear idea of the direction you need to take for your brand.

Best of all, for the next 30 days you have the oportunity to offset the cost of your Brand Audit against any of my brand packages. WIN WIN!

+ 10% GST

Happy Clients

Dimitri Mistakes

"Kate is a very clever and talented designer who understands the value of effective branding. Kate taught me that content dictates design. This allowed me to determine the most important aspects of my brand and website and to provide this information to Kate so she could build the website in the best possible way. Through good communication, ongoing feedback and understanding my brand vision, Kate delivered a result that exceeded my expectations. In order to get the final product perfect, I would send Kate multiple emails with many questions and suggestions, and she took the time to respond to and workshop every single detail until I was completely satisfied.

If you are looking for a designer that has the skills and expertise to help bring your brand to life, and is easy to work with, I gladly recommend the services of Kate Hall. She is first class!"


Dimitri Mistakiss, Nest Styling Collective

Vanessa Brook

"Kate is amazingly creative as well as very reliable and responsive. She designed our new website and logo and we will continue to work with her  to maintain our website."

Vanessa Brook, Koh Yarraville

Aleisha Rasheed

"I highly recommend Kate. The biggest value for me in choosing Kate over any other website designer was that Kate could take the vague explanation I gave her about what I wanted and produce something that was exactly as I had envisioned and hoped for. Kate was very patient with me as my understanding of all things tech is very limited but she patiently walked me through anything I had to do myself and took control of everything else. And on top of all that, she is a really great person to deal with. Thanks Kate!"

Aleisha Rasheed, Altona Acupuncture

Casey Bonacci

"Kate was amazing to work with! She created my business logo, branding guide, business cards and website, all which I absolute love (and get incredible feedback all the time) with a professional yet down to earth approach. Nothing was too hard and she talked me through the whole progress. Can’t recommend this lovely lady highly enough. Thanks again Kate."

Casey Bonacci, Casey Bonacci Events

Angie Triantos

"Kate recreated and brought life to our website in the most professional and efficient manner. Her work ethic and communication is something hard to find and I am glad to have trusted such an incredible creative to bring my vision to life. You are an absolute gem, thank you so so much. HIGHLY RECOMMEND."

Angie Triantos, The Party & Event Co

Louisa Coppel

"A creative problem-solver, Kate is a delight to work with. Kate is who we turn to when our techy skills hit their (somewhat low) ceiling. She really is a website whisperer and her branding nous is superb."

Louisa Coppel, The Big Picture Strategic Services